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Keep It Juicy

Aug 28, 2018

You hear that someone or something is "brave" so often that it almost loses its meaning. But what is "brave," really? Bravery on Keep it Juicy! 

Aug 21, 2018

Overweight? Underweight? When do we get to be perfect? Dr.  Heather Bartos talks about how nobody is the boss of our body but us…and how sometimes we abdicate that responsibility to doctors or lovers or that tub of ice cream. Taking control of your weight and your health on Keep it Juicy!

Aug 14, 2018

It seems like the opposite of juicy to be cranky. And it's the opposite of juicy to compare yourself with other people. But what are we to do about all the people getting on board the charity train and making you feel guilty if you don't? First, you may feel a little bad. But then you get cranky. Guilt-shaming for...

Aug 7, 2018

We’re talking about death and other losses. Sounds fun, right? Well, actually…our return guest, Dr. Andrea Brandt says death is really just a good way to get perspective on life. She says that death…and loss? Well, they’re gifts. And, since you can’t return them, you might as well enjoy them! The gifts of...