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Keep It Juicy

Jul 31, 2018

What do you do to combat FOGS...the Fear Of Getting Stupid? For me, it's at a time. But what's your go-to? Mini-episode of "Keep it Juicy!"


Jul 24, 2018

I have lots of friends who are writers, or who want to be writers. We wonder what magic dust has been sprinkled over successful writers, and we want to know the clues. We're talking with best-selling author Beverly Donofrio about that magic dust – and guess what, it’s not magic. It’s hard work and rewriting...

Jul 17, 2018

Do you have FOMO -- the Fear Of Missing Out? And is it a bad thing? I talk FOMO on the Keep it Juicy! podcast .

Jul 3, 2018

We’re not children anymore, but the stuff that happened to us as children can still have a big impact on our lives. It can block us from living the life we want and it can block us from finding the love we need. And childhood trauma can really kick up a fuss when we try to manage the transitions that are part of being...