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Keep It Juicy

May 26, 2020

You know how when you’re texting, you can walk into a street lamp? Well, even if you’re not texting, it can take a face-plant from the universe to wake you up. Oblivious, on a mini-episode of Keep it Juicy!

May 19, 2020

We're talking with Danielle Roberts, a Medicare expert. If you think you can wait until you’re 65 to start thinking about Medicare, you’re wrong. And even if you’re already on it, there may be a few things you don’t know. But then, why would you? With four parts and 10 supplementals and thousands of options...

May 12, 2020

We’re back in Charleston with Dr. Jeannelle Muhammad. She and her husband are often miles apart – he’s deployed – but she’s got advice we can all use about how to keep the juicy AND the spicy in a relationship, and she also talks about how to keep that relationship going through the ups and downs of blended...

May 5, 2020

We talk with transitions expert Maria Tomas-Keegan -- not only normal transitions like aging or job loss, but also the transitions that come with the quarantine.